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Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Li Gang was invited to participate in the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

Release time:2021-09-29


From September 26 to 29, the 2nd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was held in Changsha. As a representative of Jiangxi province of Chinese enterprises established in Africa, Nanchang Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd. was invited to participate the Expo. During the Expo, Li Gang, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman, and Xu Han, Party Committee Member and Executive Deputy General Manager, participated in the promo meeting.

This meeting consisted of forums and discussions centering on topics about helping the construction of the infrastructure interconnection and the construction of high-quality sustainable infrastructure in Africa, exploring the models of the “Integration of investment, construction and operation” and “Investment Engineering”, deepening China-Africa cooperation in the field of resources, promoting the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa, and promoting the opening of direct flights from Jiangxi to African countries.

The development of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation is a chance and even more an opportunity. Our company will actively respond to the “One Belt One Road” initiative, scientifically explore new cooperation models and contribute more wisdom and strength to the promotion of China-Africa cooperation with un excellent style of daring to fight a hard battle and being able to win battles. Participating in this Expo provides a new opportunity for our company to develop international business in the African market and better integrate into the "One Belt One Road" strategy in the future.