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Fu Rongzhi and his party investigated the company's mixed ownership reform

Release time:2021-09-10

On the morning of September 9, Fu Rongzhi, member of the Party Committee, deputy director, and second-level investigator of the Nanchang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Yuan Youhai, deputy chief of the Enterprise Reform and Reorganization Section, came to the company to investigate the progress of the mixed ownership reform. Zhang Min, Chief Economist of Municipal Public Utility Group, Li Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Nanchang Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd., General Manager Wu Wen, Deputy General Managers Xiong Manling and Zhang Damao attended the meeting.


      At the meeting, Wu Wen introduced the progress of the company's mixed ownership reform. Li Gang reported on the company's development in recent years, existing problems and future development ideas.

       After listening to the report, Zhang Min believed that Nanchang Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd. promoted the restructuring work in a standard, efficient and representative manner.

  Fu Rongzhi affirmed the mixed ownership reform work of Nanchang Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd.: First, comply with laws and regulations; second, implement responsibilities; third, be high-quality and efficient; fourth, be effective. At the same time, three requirements are put forward for the company's mixed ownership reform. First, it must be legally and compliant and strictly implemented in accordance with national policies and laws and regulations; second, it must be focused on reform goals, not mixed without change, and must adhere to first-class standards and improve management , Promote reform; Third, we must keep in mind the "three ratios", compare with market peers, company vision, and higher-level requirements. We must seek vitality from reforms, drive reforms, and seek benefits from reforms. Fourth, we must improve corporate governance Structure, build a modern enterprise system, and stimulate the internal motivation of the enterprise.