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Good news | The main structure of the first building of the company's Nanjing G11 project is topped

Release time:2021-09-02



Building 1# is the main structure of the project's first capped roof, marking the phased victory of the G11 project and laying a solid foundation for the smooth progress of subsequent construction.


The G11 project is the company's first out-of-province construction general contracting project and also the first flagship work of Rongzheng Platform Company in Nanjing. Since the start of construction in July 2020, the G11 project has been focusing on project quality, progress, and safety production, and has always been strictly advancing in accordance with the planned nodes. The Nanjing branch and the G11 project department will continue to optimize the construction organization plan, improve the allocation of machinery and personnel, accelerate the construction progress under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, and strive to complete the main body's full capping target by the end of the year.