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Compaction responsibility, cohesion strength, to ensure the full completion of this year's target tasks

Release time:2021-08-03

    On the morning of July 23, Nanchang Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd. held a production and operation meeting in the first half of 2021. Li Gang, member of the group Party committee, deputy general manager, Secretary of the company's Party committee and chairman of the board, attended and spoke, and Cheng Wei, deputy secretary of the company's Party committee, presided over the meeting. Members of the company's leading group, secretaries of all branches, functional departments of organs, middle-level cadres above Deputy level of branches (subsidiaries) and project managers attended the meeting.

       At the meeting, the company's business department, engineering department, safety supervision department, provincial branches, Beijing Branch, Ziyang Branch and Nanjing branch respectively reported the work progress, existing difficulties and work plan for the second half of 2021. Wu Wen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the company, Xu Han, member of the Party committee and executive deputy general manager, and Xiong Haigen, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager, commented on the above reports respectively.

      Li Gang gave comprehensive comments and guidance on the reports of various departments and branches (subsidiaries) from the perspective of the overall situation of the company.

         Wu Wen comprehensively combed and summarized the company's work in the first half of the year from six aspects: mixed ownership reform, project construction, business development, internal control, Party construction and safety production, and made arrangements for production and operation in the next stage from the aspects of restructuring and transformation, project planning, business model, internal management, Party construction guidance, supervision and discipline enforcement, safety production, etc.

       Li Gang pointed out that in the first half of the year, facing the impact of the epidemic and the market competition, the company persisted in guiding Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, and resolutely implemented the decision making plan for the "reform and transformation of China's tough battle" and vigorously implemented the "five major capabilities upgrading" activities. We continued to promote reform and management innovation, focused on strengthening the transformation of political advantages, achieved "double wars and double victories" in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and achieved a historic new breakthrough. He stressed that in the second half of the year, all cadres and workers should do a good job in five aspects to ensure the successful completion of all indicators and tasks throughout the year. First, we should focus on the work of mixed reform and pay close attention to the introduction of war investment; Second, we should focus on market development and pay close attention to the implementation of projects; Third, we should focus on production and operation and pay close attention to cost control; Fourth, we should focus on risk management and pay attention to safe production; Fifth, we should seek new breakthroughs around team building.