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Yancheng qingtengyayuan project has officially entered the full-scale construction stage

Release time:2021-08-03

On June 29, the general contracting project of Yancheng qingtengyayuan project section I contracted by our company successfully obtained the construction permit of construction engineering, and the project officially entered the comprehensive construction stage.


The total construction area of the project is about 122000 square meters and the contract amount is 232 million yuan. It is the first general contracting project of construction in Northern Jiangsu won by the company, and it is also the second fabricated construction project won by the company in Jiangsu. The company has taken a solid step in Jiangsu and laid a good foundation for future development.



The commencement of the project means that the company has obtained a new growth support point in the northern Jiangsu market. Under the correct leadership of the company, all personnel of the project team will bear in mind the mission, forge ahead bravely, accumulate experience, make continuous efforts, gradually radiate from northern Jiangsu to the surrounding areas, create high-quality and high-quality projects, and constantly write a new chapter for the market development of the company in East China.

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